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TT5 Animal Fibre

Angora goat
© Jean Weber, INRA
Animal Fibre production within agrotouristic eco farms

Destination : Angora goat farm in Saint Philbert de Grandlieu and Alpaca farm in Torfou

Schedule : 7h30 – 15h00, Friday August 30 2013

Distance : 160km from Nantes round trip

Description :

Visit both angora goat and alpaca farms.  An exhibition of angora goats and camelids with a shearing show will be organised on both farms for the visitors. A presentation of the French Mohair industry, a niche market vertically integrated under breeding structures gathering all partners of the chain from the goat (or the alpaca) to the consumer (breeder organisation for selection, producers, processors and traders) will be given to visitors.  The whole production is graded and processed under breeding structures to produce final products (in mohair or alpaca) which are sold directly within a shop on the farm by farmers to consumers (in the form of hand knitted shawls, blankets, sweat socks, balls) under a common trademark (“Le mohair des Fermes de France”). Local handmade mohair textile products and handmade alpaca products will be presented at the shop on the farm. A lunch will be organised at the alpaca farm. 

The number of participants is limited: first registered, first served. Registration will be stopped once the maximum capacity is reached.

In case of an insufficient number of participants, the tour will be cancelled