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Scholarship Funds

Instructions for Applicants

Any applicants from an EAAP member country (for member country list see or contact ) (maximum of 38 years of age) can apply for a grant to attend the EAAP Annual Meeting.

An applicant who already obtained a scholarship in the past cannot re-apply within 3 years. Grant distributions are suject to financial constraints of the EAAP.

Before 1st March 2013 - To be sent to the EAAP:

For each applicant, the EAAP Secretariat in Rome ( ) should receive:

  1. Name, address, fax and phone number, date of birth and short CV;
  2. Name and address of the institution where he/she works.

This formal request should be accompanied by:

  1. The full paper that the applicant intends to present, written in English. The contribution should be in line with the agenda of one of the provisional sessions (joint or single);
  2. A copy of the original abstract form (in English), completed in accordance with the instructions given by Wageningen Academic publishers.

The paper can be sent by email ( ) or by the postal services (5 copies) to the address below.

Postal Address: EAAP, Via G. Tomassetti 3 A/1, I-00161 Rome, Italy, Email:

Before 1st March 2013 (deadline) - To be sent to Wageningen Academic Publishers:

The applicant should send the completed abstract form directly to the Publisher.

The form and guidelines for completing the Abstract form can be downloaded at:

Please follow the instructions carefully. If you encounter problems downloading the form or guidelines, please contact Wageningen Academic Publishers directly:

By 30th April 2013

The EAAP secretariat in Rome will inform the applicants of the result of the examination of their application by the Board of Examiners.

  • Successful applicants will receive information on the conditions and uses of the lump sum, according to the financial situation of the Scholarship Fund. In the same way as for all other authors, the successful applicants will be informed by the relevant commission President on the method of presentation chosen for the paper in question.
  • Non successful applicants will also be advised by that date. Failure to obtain a scholarship does not entail the removal of the abstract and the applicant will also be informed by the relevant Commission President on the method of presentation chosen for the paper in question.