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National Organising Committee

National Organisers of the 64th EAAP Annual Meeting

Organising Committee


Henri Seegers, INRA,

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Vice President

Joël Merceron, Institut de l'Elevage, The Breeding Institute,

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Executive Secretaries

Michel Bonneau, INRA,

Bernard Coudurier, INRA,


Daniel Sauvant, French Association for Animal Science,

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Dominique Tremblay, Pays de Loire Regional Council,

Pays de la Loire logo

Alain Montembault, TERRENA,

Terrena logo

Philippe Lecomte, CIRAD, Agricultural Research for Development,

Cirad logo

Gilles Salvat, ANSES, French Agency for Food, Health and Safety,

Anses logo

Thierry Geslain, CNIEL, The Milk House,

CNIEL logo

Stéphane Radet, SNIA, Union of Animal Nutrition Industries,

SNIA logo

Valérie Bris, COOP de France Animal Nutrition,

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Bernard Fostier, IFIP, The French Pork and Pig Institute,

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Françoise Clément, IFCE, Institute for Horse & Horse Riding,

Haras Nationaux logo

Pierre-Louis Gastinel, FGE, Genetic Improvement of Ruminants,

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