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French Scientific Committee


Jean-Louis Peyraud, INRA,

INRA logo

Vice Presidents

Catherine Disenhaus, Agrocampus Ouest,

AgroCampusOuest logo

Philippe Lecomte, CIRAD

Cirad logo

Executive Secretaries

Michel Bonneau, INRA

Bernard Coudurier, INRA

Coordinators of study commissions

Animal Genetics

Cattle Production

Vincent Ducrocq, INRA,

Jean-François Hocquette, INRA,

Sophie Mattalia, Institut de l’Elevage,

Institut d'Elevage logo

André Le Gall, Institut de l’Elevage,

Animal Management and Health

Sheep & Goat Production

Nathalie Bareille, ONIRIS,

Oniris Nantes logo

Loys Bodin, INRA,

Nicolas Rose, ANSES,

ANSES logo

Jean Michel Astruc, Institut de l’Elevage,

Animal Physiology

Pig Production

Xavier Druard, INRA,

Jean-Yves Dourmad, INRA,

Claire Ponsart, UNCEIA,


Yvon Salaün, IFIP, the French Pork and Pig Institute,

Ifip logo

Livestock Farming Systems

Horse Production

Muriel Tichit, AgroParisTech,

AgroParisTech logo

William Martin-Rosset, INRA,

Sophie Bertrand, Institut de l’Elevage,

Françoise Clément, IFCE,

Haras Nationaux logo

Animal Nutrition

Daniel Sauvant, AgroParisTech,

Alain Guyonvarc’h, In Vivo,

In Vivo NSA logo